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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a member?

    • As a new member you will be able to:
        • Order titles online and receive a confirmation email with our file number and links to your original order; 
        • Obtain automatic notices of the status of your files; and
        • Retrieve documents on your files online.

What do all the emails I receive mean?

    • Our system is set up to notify you every time we perform work on your file.  Whenever documents are received on a file you will receive notice so that you may review them as soon as they are received by our office.  With this notification, you always know what is going on with your files.

How do I order a search?

    • You may sign up as a new customer to obtain a password to order new title searches.  [Please note: This may take up to 5-7 business days.] Second, fax your first order to Augusta Title, Inc. 404-978-1604.  Please indicate that you signed up as a new client on your fax!
    • After you are a new customer you may easily use the web to order searches and view the status of your search!

How do I open Augusta Title documents?

    • Augusta Title provides all documents in tif format which can be viewed by any windows image viewer and is the most common document type for images.  If you have difficulty viewing our documents please contact administrator@augustatitle.com. 

Does Augusta Title do my closing as well?

    • No, Augusta Title, Inc. does not  complete closings. Georgia is an Attorney State, therefore, you will need to contact a closing attorney to set up escrow. 

Can I use my own attorney and still have Augusta Title, Inc. run title?

    • Not a problem at all!  Augusta Title will be happy to run the Title Search and complete the Title Insurance Policy if needed.  You may have your attorney’s office order the search from us or you may order the search as usual.
    • You must call Augusta Title, Inc. before closing for specific amounts associated with recording fees, transfer tax, intangible tax, and title insurance premiums as well as instructions on how to cut checks for these fees. 

Does Augusta Title make property tax payments or utility payments?

    • No, ATI does not make these payments to county or city authorities.  Please make your checks payable directly to the government authority and send them directly to the county or city from your office.  Any delay in the receipt of payments by government agencies can result in penalties and interest being assessed against the property.  We have found that this policy assures payment is received by county and city officials in a more expedient time frame. 

How long will my search take?

    • Georgia Title Examiners must physically go to the Courthouse to run a residential or commercial search.  Please see the convenient Georgia Map for turnaround time and price listing of the search. [Please note:  Commercial Searches are rated by the hour, and therefore we cannot give specific times on how long they will take.]

I need a RUSH search.  How long will this take?

    • Augusta Title, Inc. will do their best to rush a search for you.  The time frame in this case can vary from 2-5 business days dependant upon the volume of our examiners. 

I have had my closing.  How long will it take for me to get my final Title Policy?

·         Generally Augusta Title must wait for the GAP period in the county to close and then we will perform a checkdown of the title to find new deeds of record.   Please see our effective date report for an estimate of Georgia County GAP periods.