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what report do i order?

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What Report to Order

Confused about the difference between Checkdown, Certificate, Commitment and Updates?  

We hope the following will help explain when to order which and what is covered in each.  Click on Report Type Links below to determine which is the best report to suit your needs:


Residential/Certificate of Title

Commercial/Certificate of Title







CHECKDOWN.  A checkdown is ordered after closing to assure that all requirements of closing have been satisfied of record.  This is primarily used to assure that all issues have been complied with so that an Agent may issue title insurance.  In this type of report we will only show new items such as new Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, or Security Deeds that have been recorded since the initial search.

RESIDENTIAL/CERTIFICATE OF TITLE.  This is a basic Attorney’s Certificate of Title and will show you only the current status of the property.  It will not include any requirements for clearing title; however, we will let you know any problems that would need to be complied with.  You may choose this type of search if you are not issuing title insurance or if you have run a full search on the property already and just need a few years searched.

COMMERCIAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE.  This is when you request that a commercial search be performed but do not need a full title search or if you prefer that your searches are in Certificate of Title.

COMMITMENT.  This report is prepared in Commitment Format.  Unless requested, it is only in the ALTA format that many lenders will require before closing and not a commitment that Augusta Title, Inc. is expecting to prepare the Title Insurance Policy.  This report will show you all underwriting requirements and exceptions for closing.  This report is prepared in this format to save you the time of retyping our information into a Commitment to comply with lender requirements.  All the issuing agent needs to do is sign Schedule A and comply with any other requirements that your Title Insurance Company requires with regard to issuance of a commitment.

UPDATE. An update will be run in the same format as originally ordered and only the dates and any new information found will be added.  We will only do an update if there has not been a closing since the last time the property was ran by us.  If there has been a closing, or if it has been a year since the property was last searched, then we will open a new file for the title search.

LIEN/INVOICE FORM.  This form will be used if you only want a lien and docket search run.

INVOICE. If you just order copies of deeds with no certifications then you will only receive an invoice.