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what type of search do i order?

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What Search Do I Order?

Confused about the difference between Limited, Updates, Fulls, and Checkdowns?  

We hope the following will help explain when to order which and what is covered in each.  Click on Search Type Links below to determine which is the best search to suit your needs:

Full Title Search

Refinance Limited

Limited Residential





Lot/New Construction

Lien search

FULL TITLE SEARCH.  A full residential search goes back fifty years.  This search includes research of GED, FTL, Lis Pendens, Civil, and Probate (when applicable) records as well as any other indices, which would include matters that could attach to property for current owners as well as prospective purchasers. 

REFI LIMITED.  A Refinance Limited Search will search until a good first mortgage is found.  At the time of the title search the examiner may also go back further in the chain of title if any questions arise and will also search back to a good first mortgage.  This search includes research of Protective Covenants, GED, FTL, Lis Pendens, Civil, and Probate (when applicable) records as well as any other indices, which would include matters that could attach to property for current owners as well as prospective purchasers. 

LIMITED RESIDENTIAL SEARCH.  A limited search begins from the current RTV and comes forward, if there is a good first purchase money mortgage.  If no good first mortgage is found, we will continue until we uncover a good first (open or satisfied) or thirty years, whichever comes first.  A limited search would only include the current owners and current deeds of record starting from the date of ownership or from the date that is provided to you on the Order Form. No research is done on prospective purchasers. 

COMMERCIAL SEARCH.  This full search goes back fifty years.  This search will include all items stated in a Full Title Search as well as UCC searches, if requested.  Copies of every page of the deeds, liens, UCCs, and/or judgments are provided on all commercial titles.

MODIFICATION.  A modification will be run in the same manner as a Limited Title Report except that there is no requirement to find a good first purchase money mortgage.  We will start from the current owner and find all open deeds/liens.

UPDATE.  For an update, we start from the effective date of the last examination and note any new information of record.  Copies of documents will not be sent unless new information is found of record.  You do not need to send a new order for an update on a title.  Send an email to orders@augustatitle.com that includes the Augusta Title file number, the borrower, your due date, and the address of the property.  

CHECKDOWN.  We run your search from the effective date shown on the Commitment.  We indicate any new deeds and provide copies of first page of the new documents.  Also, we indicate all cancellation information on each deed/lien that was shown open on the original Title Commitment and provide copies of those cancellations.  If we do not find a cancellation of record, we will indicate this information next to each deed/lien.

LOT/NEW CONSTRUCTION. These searches are run for new construction subdivisions when Augusta Title runs the entire subdivision during development.  After an initial full title search is run, a Lot search is conducted giving the new short legal description (if a subdivision plat has been recorded), a lien search on the Borrower and Seller, and current tax information as well as all information from our original full title search of the property.  

LIEN SEARCH. We run a search on the names provided.   Specifically looking for any tax liens, judgments, UCCs, or any other liens in the county you listed you needed the lien search.  We do NOT look for any Security Deeds or who the title is vested in.